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Top Travelling YouTube Channels Worth Following

Top Travelling YouTube Channels Worth Following

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Ever watched travel videos on YouTube and seemed like you can’t get enough of it? Well, why don’t you check out the list we have picked out for all the wanderlust fans here reading this. Get ready to subscribe and to drive inspiration from these top YouTubers in the business.

Mike Corey


Mike is a standout amongst the most creative storytellers in movement on YouTube. With his interesting altering, phenomenal film and wild feeling of experience, you’ll cherish watching his recordings from around the globe. As a result of his high creation esteem, Mike has contracted a considerable measure for organizations and brands to make proficient travel recordings on their channel.



Matthew Karsten is the ruler of experience travel doing everything from plunging with sharks in South Africa (without a cube) to trekking solo crosswise over Greenland. On the off chance that you need motivation or need some inspiration to get your sluggish butt off the love seat, look at his recordings that he’s posted from his previous five years of going far and wide.

Arienne has blasted onto the scene in the previous year, yet we’ve known her for a long while. Winning the Best in Travel finally Year’s Buffer Festival in Toronto (this is viewed as the Oscars of YouTube Travel) she has gone none quit creating quality recordings. Her 8 section video arrangement features her move of Mount Kilimanjaro with World Vision Canada. Her recordings are proficient quality and she is profoundly looked for after by brands and goals to deliver travel recordings.


Cailin O’neil

Cailin was one of the main travel bloggers/YouTubers from the ice age. Originating from a film and TV foundation she puts a great deal of trademark and identity into her recordings. Cailin is a kindred Canuck who has an awesome comical inclination and an ability for narrating. Originating from a film and television foundation, she influences her movement recordings to feel like an appropriate documentary like one of our top choices the Tomatino Festival.

High On Life

Two at its core. Ranges from 3-6 occasionally. Probably the most heard of the channel of the other YouTubers mentioned here. It’s all about fun, various experiences and sharing with their audience with some tips, lessons and whatnot for the viewers to learn and grasp. Even though it started out pretty amateur, they have now established themselves as one of the big giants in the game mainly focused on their age group. A great channel to learn and rub off from.
So there we have it, our list which focuses on top YouTube channels in the Travel and Vacation game. Hope you enjoyed it and found someone worth checking out. If you have any other suggestions or someone who you believe should be on this list, why not leave a comment below and let us know. It would help us update this list in the near future.
Stay healthy and travel more.



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