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Reasons Why You Should Plan a Vacation to Maldives

Reasons Why You Should Plan a Vacation to Maldives

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The Maldives is one of the most beautiful small islands on Earth. They are safe; there are no hawkers selling sarongs and taxi tours and, unless you seek them out, no distractions. There is no agriculture and no industry and the turquoise lagoons are crystal clear. All in all, it makes a perfect destination for your family as well as for a romantic vacation.

Here are a few reasons why you should plan a trip to Maldives.



The Maldives is one of the premier scuba diving destinations on earth and if there is one place you need to give it a try, it’s here. There are many affordable PADI dive centres where you can take a discovery dive if you are not certified, or sign up for several dive options to one of the many reefs.

maldives diving
Maldives Scuba diving.

The Maldives is known for its stingrays, whale shark migration and sea turtles. The crystal clear blue waters offer incredible visibility and there’s no need for a wetsuit here, the water’s warm and inviting.



If scuba-dive isn’t your factor, snorkelling may be a nice possibility. The reefs square measure therefore pristine within the Maldives that you just don’t need to lead to ascertain a lot!



You will get to go snorkelling with ocean turtles and see over half a dozen munching their lunches at the reef. Plans for spending a solid 2 hours within the water, you will have a tendency to conjointly managed to ascertain such a lot of simply ocean turtles.

And a fan favourite would be the vast colleges of vibrant fish flocking along as they floated with the tides. Once 3 plenty came along, we will have a tendency to feel as if we have a tendency to be in our own big tank.

Dolphin Spots


When you get to meet the locals of Maldives and ask them what would be the best things to do in the Maldives, they would all recommend Dolphin excursion.

Dolphin Spotting Maldives
  Dolphin Spotting

Right before sunset, when you set out to the waters in search of pods of dolphins. It won’t take long for a captain to spot one and before long; the dolphins were playing in our wake a leaping before your eyes.

The dolphins in the Maldives are some of the most active and fun bunch you could see in the world. They will put on a good show for their fans.


Island Hopping

Island Hopping Maldives
                                                                                       Island Hopping Maldives

Believe it or not, there’s an outsized settlement within the Maldives and plenty of locals live and work on the islands.

If you occupy a personal island within the Maldives, confirm to book an excursion to go to the near communities.

The Maldives follow strictly a Muslim culture, therefore, take care to decorate creditably with long skirts/shorts and no alimentary paste strap sleeves.

Walking through the concrete buildings, we have a tendency to were stunned that there have been a correct downtown and sq. on each little islands with faculties, community centres and banks.

These islands square measure most likely the tiniest colonized islands you could see in the world, however, there are lots happening there in the Maldives. You may need to get used to boats.




The Maldives may be a first surfboarding destination for tourists around the world.

Surfing in Maldives
Surfing in Maldives

The Cinnamon Dhonveli attracts high surfers from around the world to face its amazing cut lose from crowds.

However every morning the Maldives has got many locals offering surfing lessons so you could start out.

This break is taken into account one in every of the simplest on earth and Dhonveli is even a stop on the professional circuit. If you aren’t a professional, don’t worry, their square measure alternative islands within the Maldives were you’ll be able to take some surfboarding lessons.

Balinese Massage

Balinese Massage Maldives
Balinese Massage

The Maldives was created for love and once visiting the island paradise, you want to take your time to spoil yourself.

Most people visiting the Maldives were couples and families and that we extremely suggest a couple’s massage for upping the romance issue.


Scenic Flight


There is one thing magical regarding seeing the various reminder water below as you fly over the Maldives.

Scenic Maldives flight
Scenic Maldives flight

Many resorts need a flight on a twin-engine float plane to urge intent on them. If you do not have the great fortune of staying in one amongst these, we tend to extremely suggest booking a scenic flight over the numerous atolls.

The islands produce a pattern within the ocean because the deep ocean crashes into sandbars and coral reefs. several islands are encircled by miles of shallow waters low enough to battle through at low water.

From the air, you get a true sense of simply however isolated and exquisite the islands of the Maldives are.


We can assume that you have already added Maldives to your bucket list. While you are here, why not check out our Magical Maldives package and pack your bags for an everlasting trip to one of the most beautiful islands in the world.



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